Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am going to be talking about music, and what it means to me.

During COVID-19, my weekly lessons of piano, guitar and singing stopped being in person and went to being online. It was hard for the first lessons; there was so much more to figure out. It was up to me to push myself and find out what I could do by myself. And this was challenging.

But the more I delved into the music that I was making and the music I listened to, I realized how much music had an impact on me. It gives me clarity and it’s fun to play songs. I pride myself on what I can do with my voice, with the piano, and with the guitar, and that’s all because of the motivation it gives me. It’s like a cycle. I play and practice, and that gives me pride. And then I want to do it again because I want to feel that pride again.

I love to listen to music other people have written, and that helps to give me inspiration in the stories I write, or just to make something that would normally be boring fun. When I have chores to do, I normally listen to music while I do them to give me motivation to finish.

Music is a big part of me, and has been since I was little. I love to play instruments and to sing, and I encourage everyone to try and learn to play an instrument. The feelings it gives me are the feelings I want everyone to experience.

Thanks for reading!

Frances Dowell Story


Just Write from CreativeCommons

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am going to be telling you about the story I wrote while working with author Frances Dowell!

Francea Dowell is an author who lives in North Carolina. My classmates and I worked with her on our stories for three to four months using the methods below.

The process started with What If? questions. We generated questions that started with “what if”, like “What if I could fly?”. Then we would take that what if question and turn it into a starting scene.

The starting scene had to have action to draw the reader in. We had to generate a paragraph to kick the story off. We didn’t put too much detail in or too much information about the character. We just created action.

After the starting scene, we wrote something called a background check. This is where we would share information about the character and their background. We detailed who they were and what their families were like.

Then we did stick and stone problems. These problems were problems that got bigger as the story went on. The stick problem was just a little problem, a “stick” in the path. Our characters could get over this problem pretty easily. The stone problem was a little bigger, but our characters worked to solve it and with a little time and effort, they fixed the problem.

Then came the big monster problem. This was the hardest problem to solve, and it required a lot of effort and thinking to get through it. Our resolution came after the monster problem scene, and that’s when everything got fixed.

After we wrote our stories, our classmates and Mrs. Dowell gave us feedback. This was a time for revising and editing what we had written. I learned a lot from the feedback my friend and Mrs. Dowell gave me, such as to make sure that I had equal parts dialogue and informational texts, and to make sure that I described things that people maybe couldn’t picture on their own.

I love to write, and this project was super fun to do. I am very proud of the work that I did and I owe a lot of my help to Mrs. Dowell!

Check out her website below!


Window or Mirror?

Hello and welcome back to my blog! In this post I am going to be talking about windows or mirrors.

First off, what is a window and what is a mirror? You may be thinking of the window that you see on a building, or a mirror that you find in a bathroom. This is a good interpretation, but not quite the one I’m talking about. A window or mirror refers to a book. Is the book you’re reading a window into another world, or is a mirror, reflecting back your own life?

For me, the books that I’m reading (Keeper of the Lost Cities series) is a mirror and a window. It’s more window than mirror; it’s an incredible fantasy book that has aspects and things I’ve never heard of before. But sometimes I catch glimmers of things that I’ve felt in my own life. I’ve had moments over the course of my life where I’ve felt nervous and scared, like the character, or where I’ve felt confident in what I’m doing, like the character. Or when I’ve just had a conflict with my friends and I need to fix it. Or when there’s a problem that needs solving and there’s that ice cold determination to fix it deep inside of me. These are the things that make it a mirror sometimes.

So, in the comments, respond to this question: Is your book a window or mirror? Why?

Thank you!


Daily Habit: February

My January habit tracker.

Hey everyone, and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be sharing with you more about my daily habit, and what I’m going to be doing for the month ahead.

I chose to do my DribbleUp ball every day that I got for Christmas. I didn’t make a note of specific classes I had to do, I just did what I was feeling or what I thought needed improvement on that day. I chose it because I wanted to use it to help me improve my footwork for my futsal season. This really helped me with my footwork and my agility in games that I played. On my habit tracker when I did my DribbleUp ball I marked it as blue. And when I had games, I marked a red PZ; to stand for Performance Zone. My games were when I performed my skills.

Sometimes it was tiring and sometimes I didn’t want to do it; I just wanted to lie down on the couch. I admit that sometimes that was exactly what I did! But I managed to get myself up and tell myself, “This is your habit, you have to stick with it. You have to do it; make it count!” And I really was glad afterward that I did it because I learned something new and I made myself better.

I saw my own self improve with moves that I did and skills that I performed; it was really inspiring to me how practicing for a little bit each day changed how I played futsal.

I’ve mentioned futsal twice now but I haven’t explained what it is! Futsal is a game that is sort of like soccer, except it moves faster, is only played with four players and a goalie, is supposed to be played inside on a court, and the games themselves are shorter. My team and I played against all boy teams.

After doing my habit, I was tired but I felt accomplished. I felt good. And I was really proud of myself when I saw myself do things that I had learned but never tried. It really benefited me in a lot of ways, and I’m definitely going to keep my habit.

So, for February, I am going to keep my daily DribbleUp goal…but I’m also adding another goal. I play piano, guitar and I sing, and right now I realize that I’m not exactly keeping up with guitar and singing as I should be. So my goal is to play my guitar and practice my singing every day for the entire month of February!

Thank you for reading about my daily habits!



Photography Club Post

Hi and welcome back to my blog! I’m in photography club, and I take a bunch of really cool photos then edit them (like healing places, cropping and changing a filter) to make them even cooler. Here are some of the ones I took recently!

Thanks for looking at my photos!

What Kind of Punctuation Am I?

I think that I am a period because I like to end things. I like to resolve conflicts and settle disputes by finding a solution and then stopping the problem. 

I could also be an ellipsis, because sometimes I like to draw things out and think about the situation to try to find the best solution. 

Mainly, though, I think I am a period. A period does end things, yes, but it also can end things too quickly. Sometimes I just want to get something done instead of making sure to do it well, and when a period just gets thrown onto the end of something, it stops it, it finishes it, even when it might not be done all the way.

Another thing that a period does is it draws everything together. I like to make people happy by finding a compromise, and when a period is put on the end of a sentence of a compromise, it makes it finished, like how I like to end things. This is why I think I am a period.



For around two months during this school year me and my classmates did a daily habit, a plank. Every morning, each hybrid day, we did a plank. Every two days we increased the length of time we were doing the plank. The farthest I was able to go was four minutes.

I was really proud of myself for going as far as I did, and it was interesting to me that just doing it for around eight weeks strengthened me a lot.

I have a new daily habit now that plank is over. As you know, I play soccer and I recently started to do futsol. I received something called a DribbleUp ball for Christmas that will help me with my foot skills in soccer and in futsol. My daily habit is to practice with my DribbleUp ball every day.

Soccer is something that’s really important to me, and I want to get better at it every day. This habit will definitely help me with my goal of getting better.

Thank you for reading about my daily habits! What’s yours?

Wisdom Tale Comic

My Wisdom Tale Comic

This is my Wisdom Tale Comic! This is a comic of the Wisdom Tale Antlers from Greece.
I chose this tale because I thought that it had great moral, even though the actual tale was short. The moral was that everything has a purpose in life, and I think that sometimes we forget that.

A wisdom tale is a story that has aspects that make your life better. They also have morals like everything has a purpose, don’t assume, high intelligence is nothing without common sense, things like that.

I used Comic Life, which is an app that has comic templates to use to make a comic. I also hand drew my pictures, first drawing in pencil and then going back over the drawings with markers, colored pencils, and Sharpies.

This project was very interesting and fun, and it helped me get in touch with the more artistic side of myself! Thank you for viewing and reading about my Wisdom Tale comic, Antlers.


What I Am Interested In

Writing Journal with Pen from CreativeCommons

Hi! Throughout this pandemic I have discovered many things that I like to do. One of my most favorite things to do is to write.

I love writing stories. I can’t go a day without writing something in a new story! I like doing this while listening to music, which is another thing that I really enjoy.

Most of the time, I have at least 3 or 4 stories going at a time! Currently I have five going, and one of them is 200 pages long, the longest story I have ever written.

Writing helps me to get my feelings out. If one day I’m sort of annoyed, I can channel my emotions into the story. Most times, the character(s)’s mood mirrors my own. So if I am annoyed, sometimes my character(s) will be too.

Earlier I mentioned that I like to write while listening to music. I feel that music can give me inspiration. Each song that I listen to has a vibe or a theme that I can piece out. Sometimes it matches my story perfectly, so I get inspiration from all sides. Sometimes it’s not exactly what my story is, but I can find that the rhythms and the words can help me draw out incentive for my stories.

Thank you for reading about writing, which is one of my favorite things to do!