Photography Club Post

Hi and welcome back to my blog! I’m in photography club, and I take a bunch of really cool photos then edit them (like healing places, cropping and changing a filter) to make them even cooler. Here are some of the ones I took recently!

Thanks for looking at my photos!

What Kind of Punctuation Am I?

I think that I am a period because I like to end things. I like to resolve conflicts and settle disputes by finding a solution and then stopping the problem. 

I could also be an ellipsis, because sometimes I like to draw things out and think about the situation to try to find the best solution. 

Mainly, though, I think I am a period. A period does end things, yes, but it also can end things too quickly. Sometimes I just want to get something done instead of making sure to do it well, and when a period just gets thrown onto the end of something, it stops it, it finishes it, even when it might not be done all the way.

Another thing that a period does is it draws everything together. I like to make people happy by finding a compromise, and when a period is put on the end of a sentence of a compromise, it makes it finished, like how I like to end things. This is why I think I am a period.



For around two months during this school year me and my classmates did a daily habit, a plank. Every morning, each hybrid day, we did a plank. Every two days we increased the length of time we were doing the plank. The farthest I was able to go was four minutes.

I was really proud of myself for going as far as I did, and it was interesting to me that just doing it for around eight weeks strengthened me a lot.

I have a new daily habit now that plank is over. As you know, I play soccer and I recently started to do futsol. I received something called a DribbleUp ball for Christmas that will help me with my foot skills in soccer and in futsol. My daily habit is to practice with my DribbleUp ball every day.

Soccer is something that’s really important to me, and I want to get better at it every day. This habit will definitely help me with my goal of getting better.

Thank you for reading about my daily habits! What’s yours?

Wisdom Tale Comic

My Wisdom Tale Comic

This is my Wisdom Tale Comic! This is a comic of the Wisdom Tale Antlers from Greece.
I chose this tale because I thought that it had great moral, even though the actual tale was short. The moral was that everything has a purpose in life, and I think that sometimes we forget that.

A wisdom tale is a story that has aspects that make your life better. They also have morals like everything has a purpose, don’t assume, high intelligence is nothing without common sense, things like that.

I used Comic Life, which is an app that has comic templates to use to make a comic. I also hand drew my pictures, first drawing in pencil and then going back over the drawings with markers, colored pencils, and Sharpies.

This project was very interesting and fun, and it helped me get in touch with the more artistic side of myself! Thank you for viewing and reading about my Wisdom Tale comic, Antlers.


What I Am Interested In

Writing Journal with Pen from CreativeCommons

Hi! Throughout this pandemic I have discovered many things that I like to do. One of my most favorite things to do is to write.

I love writing stories. I can’t go a day without writing something in a new story! I like doing this while listening to music, which is another thing that I really enjoy.

Most of the time, I have at least 3 or 4 stories going at a time! Currently I have five going, and one of them is 200 pages long, the longest story I have ever written.

Writing helps me to get my feelings out. If one day I’m sort of annoyed, I can channel my emotions into the story. Most times, the character(s)’s mood mirrors my own. So if I am annoyed, sometimes my character(s) will be too.

Earlier I mentioned that I like to write while listening to music. I feel that music can give me inspiration. Each song that I listen to has a vibe or a theme that I can piece out. Sometimes it matches my story perfectly, so I get inspiration from all sides. Sometimes it’s not exactly what my story is, but I can find that the rhythms and the words can help me draw out incentive for my stories.

Thank you for reading about writing, which is one of my favorite things to do!

Virtual Week #1

Computer keyboard from CreativeCommons.

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be talking about my first virtual week.

Last week the students at DA took a virtual week after Thanksgiving to quarantine. During that time we did all of our lessons virtually.

The pros during that week of virtual learning are that I could spend more time with my family, I could work at home where I can be slightly more relaxed than sitting in a desk all day, and that I could get my work done at my own pace. Some cons are that it was definitely louder in my house, Wi-Fi was sometimes a problem with so many people using it at once, and sometimes it was harder to stay on schedule.

A thing that really helped me through this was my calendar. I was able to access my calendar easily and I could clearly see what I had and when.

I was also doing soccer through that virtual week, and that helped me be able to get out, see some of my friends, and to exercise in a COVID-19 friendly environment. I did a lot of reading during that time too, and that helped me stay calm and it gave my brain a break from all of the work.

I stayed organized by having my own space upstairs with a desk and outlets for chargers, and a place to put all of my materials. Having those things at my disposal really helped me to not have to get up and walk around to get things, especially when I was on a call and I needed to get materials.

If you’re all remote for school, I recommend finding your own space where you can work by yourself without any huge interruptions. I would also recommend having all of your materials where you can get them at a moment’s notice.

I would also have chargers on hand for your devices, because all of the screen time that goes into virtuality can seriously wear down your battery.

Thank you for reading about my strategies, my ideas, my experience and my recommendations for the virtual week that I had.

What I Am Grateful For

I am grateful for so many things in my life. If I tried, I wouldn’t be able to list them all. But one of the most important things that I am grateful for is my family.

I would not be who I am today without my family. My mom and my dad have seen me through so many obstacles. Without them, I would have never gotten over those boundaries. They have taught me to be kind, to be a good friend and a good sister, and to be a good person. And I am forever grateful for them.

I am also very grateful for my brother! He has taught me to laugh in ways I never would have been able to. And he’s the natural joker (along with my dad) of my family!

Another thing I am grateful for is for my friends. They have enlightened my life in ways that I never knew could happen. I’ve gone through so many things with my friends, and I really appreciate them.

Shoutout to my best friend in Switzerland, Camille. You have always been there for me and I am determined to always be there for you. I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me.

I am also grateful for all of the people in my life who have influenced me. There are so many people out there who has made an impact on me that I could never list all of them! But thank you. To all of you.

Thank you for reading my post about what I am grateful for.

What I Am Reading

Creative Commons Book Stack.

I am reading a fantastic book called Maya and the Rising Dark by Rena Barron. In this contemporary fantasy, twelve-year-old Maya’s search for her missing dad throws her into the center of a battle between her world, the Orishas, and the mysterious and sinister Dark world. Will Maya find her way and find her father? Will she be able to stop the fighting?

Read Maya and the Rising Dark to find out!

This book is perfect for people who like magic in a story. It is a series; but the second book is set to be released on September 21, 2021! Look out for it next year!

Thank you for reading what I am reading right now!