Hello and welcome back to my blog! I am going to be talking about music, and what it means to me.

During COVID-19, my weekly lessons of piano, guitar and singing stopped being in person and went to being online. It was hard for the first lessons; there was so much more to figure out. It was up to me to push myself and find out what I could do by myself. And this was challenging.

But the more I delved into the music that I was making and the music I listened to, I realized how much music had an impact on me. It gives me clarity and it’s fun to play songs. I pride myself on what I can do with my voice, with the piano, and with the guitar, and that’s all because of the motivation it gives me. It’s like a cycle. I play and practice, and that gives me pride. And then I want to do it again because I want to feel that pride again.

I love to listen to music other people have written, and that helps to give me inspiration in the stories I write, or just to make something that would normally be boring fun. When I have chores to do, I normally listen to music while I do them to give me motivation to finish.

Music is a big part of me, and has been since I was little. I love to play instruments and to sing, and I encourage everyone to try and learn to play an instrument. The feelings it gives me are the feelings I want everyone to experience.

Thanks for reading!